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​Explosion-proof LED lights are closely related

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-20 15:16:08
miners lamp

Our company is an industrial lighting manufacturer mainly producing LED explosion-proof lamps. We have been leading the quality first method. To be honest, two years ago, many customers are buying cheap products. The accessories we use are made of materials. One, so the price is naturally not the cheapest. It is often communicated with customers. The price is half an hour or even longer. After two years of transition, many customers now recognize us, and the quality of the products on the market today is Our increasingly high demands are a good news. Because we have been around for many years, there is nothing wrong with the quality of our products. We know that we are more focused on quality customer service.

Explosion-proof LED lamp quality
The quality of the explosion-proof LED lamp is closely related to the heat. How can the temperature of the LED lamp of the same power be 10 degrees, how can it exceed the 100LM/W explosion-proof lamp? How can the LED luminous flux be exposed to the explosion-proof LED flooding to a distance of 200 meters and Wait a series of questions, if you can't solve what you find we are correct. All of us can solve these problems one by one for you.

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