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Explosion Proof Police Flashlight

Datetime: 2020-05-21 18:48:12

The explosion proof police flashlight is one of the important single police equipment. The front end has an aggressive thorn groove to attack the pain-causing uniform.The flashing function also can make the gangster temporarily blind and dizzy in a short period of time.

The shell is made of aviation aluminum material and is anodized.It is waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-shock and anti-pressure.

The high-power LED solid-state light source is used.There is high efficiency , long life,low energy consumption and energy saving.

There is lithium-ion non-memory battery with good charge and discharge performance.The large-capacity battery life is guaranteed.There is economical and environmentally friendly.

The light-weight and high-hardness alloy shell can withstand strong collision and impact.The special sealing structure design is waterproof and dustproof, which can meet the working needs in various harsh environments and climatic conditions.

The optimized circuit design has the functions of battery over-discharge protection and constant current and constant voltage. The intelligent charger is equipped with over-charge protection and charge display devices.

There is beautiful in appearance and light. It can be hand-held and hanged on the belt.It is very easy to carry and operate.

There is waterproof switch design, strong waterproof and good durability.

The explosion proof police flashlight is used widely in factories, mines, electric power, transportation, water conservancy, urban construction, petrochemical, public security, firefighting, military and other industries for night duty, construction, maintenance and rush repair field operations.