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Explosion Proof Led Torch Flashlight

Datetime: 2018-12-22 14:56:08

he glare flashlight is a new type of lighting tool that uses light-emitting diodes as a light source. It has the advantages of power saving, durability and brightness. Commonly used glare flashlights are mostly outdoor lighting tools that use high-power LEDs as light sources. They have the advantages of power saving, durability and high brightness.

In addition to the LED light source flashlight, there are also HID xenon flashlights for special lighting. LED glare flashlight has two kinds of concentrating modes, one is concentrating cup concentrating, one is convex lens concentrating, concentrating cup concentrating effect is better, light loss is small, light weight can be used to put the part of the lamp head The seal is very strict, and the waterproof effect is improved. The fly in the ointment is that the spot is not adjustable, so that the area illuminated in the vicinity is small when used, and the biggest advantage of the convex lens concentrating is that the spot size is steplessly adjustable, but it is difficult to do. The water resistance is good, so the general outdoor sports enthusiasts will choose the former according to the environment. The power of the strong light flashlight is mostly rechargeable lithium-ion battery or nickel-cadmium-nickel-hydrogen battery. The rated voltage is 3.7V and the capacity is several hundred to several thousand milliamperes. According to the power of common LED light source, the endurance range is several tens of minutes. It will take a few hours.

LED glare flashlight with high power single [or multiple combined] LED as the light source, generally using aluminum alloy as the barrel material, with 26650, 18650 and other rechargeable lithium batteries and Cr123, C, AA, AAA and other alkaline dry batteries Provide power, connect with high-efficiency microcomputer chips or circuit boards, and send out super bright lighting tools!

Light cup: According to the needs of use, two kinds of light cups are generally used. The glossy metal reflector cup is very concentrated. It can reflect a more perfect spot through the light cup. It is suitable for long-distance illumination. The use environment has hunting and adventure. The orange peel metal reflector has a good flooding effect, and the diffuse reflection is wide and clear, and it is used for close-range illumination.

Body material: the common aluminum alloy body, stainless steel, titanium alloy. Stainless steel is heavy, titanium alloy is expensive, and aluminum alloy is relatively moderate and widely used.

Different aluminum materials have different performances, which will also cause a large price gap. The brand\'s flashlights use the highest grade of aviation grade aluminum alloy T7075 and T6061. This material is super corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant and easy to process. The flashlight made is very delicate in appearance, the thread is deep and clear, the sealing performance is very good, and the hand feel is very good. It is the best aluminum material at present, but the price is more expensive! The processing technology of the barrel body and the oxidation of the military surface of the aluminum alloy directly affect the price of the flashlight.

Battery selection: The battery\'s brightness and battery life have a great influence. The lithium battery can be used repeatedly and has high capacity. It has a longer overall endurance and is cost-effective, but it is not easy to buy. The single battery life is short, the dry battery can better play the function of high-power LED, the stability is high, and the single use time is long, and it is easy to buy, but the battery needs to be replaced frequently, and the cost is increased. Like dry batteries, most domestic friends choose lithium batteries.

This is the parameter of the CREE LED. Exceeding this is generally a virtual standard.

Cree\'s LEDs have evolved to the S2 level, and the specific luminous efficiency can participate in the icon on the right, while some of the initial parameters are listed below:

Q5 →350mA brightness 107-114 Lumens, maximum current 1500mA (up to 220-250lm

Q4 → 350mA brightness 100.4-107 Lumens, maximum current 1000mA

Q3 →350mA brightness 93.9-100.4 Lumens, 700mA brightness 152.1-162.6 Lumens

Q2→350mA brightness 87.4-93.9 Lumens, 700mA brightness 141.6-152.1 Lumens

P4 →350mA brightness 80.6-87.4 Lumens, 700mA brightness 130.6-141.6 Lumens

P3→350mA brightness 73.9-80.6 Lumens, 700mA brightness 119.7-130.6 Lumens


Hid super light flashlight is a high-intensity gas discharge flashlight with high technology content. It uses high technology to inject helium into the quartz inner tube, and then instantly boosts the 12 volt power to 23000 volts through a precision ballast, which stimulates the 氙 electrons in the tube. A strong arc of light is formed between the two electrodes to continuously emit light. The military glare flashlight not only shines brighter but also shines wider. The super white arc light generated by the helium is similar to the white sunlight, the same power. The HID lamp has a brightness of about 3 times that of a tungsten halogen lamp. It can handle various emergencies, engineering equipment repairs, industrial and mining exploration operations for all kinds of enterprises and institutions at night (or under poor lighting sources). Safe and reliable high-brightness mobile lighting is provided for the offshore operations of fishing vessels, container and cabin operations of ships, railway operations, and emergency repair operations at night.

Use recommendation

Close range illumination

Within 10 meters. Products such as headlights are more suitable for close-range lighting. Among the well-known headlights are Petzl, Fenix, Shanrui/Shanshi.

Medium distance illumination

10 meters - 100 meters. More AA [5th battery] see more flashlights, easy to carry around, with a brightness of less than 100 lumens. Suitable for home lighting for white-collar workers and ordinary users.

Remote illumination

More than 100 meters. With high-power LED as the core and lithium battery as the power supply, with the driver circuit board, it can drive the voltage high, and then discharge the large current to improve the brightness. This kind of flashlight is often purchased by outdoor enthusiasts and professional users. Because of its more reliable quality and stronger performance, it is more suitable for outdoor harsh environments.

Common dimming method

Rotating dimming

Common in the brand of the light flashlight in the middle and big flashlight,

Advantages: The structure is simple and reliable, the misoperation may be small, and the gear position is clear and clear.

Disadvantages: Some friends think that this method can not be operated by one hand, it is a "brain-dead" design, and some people think that when the head is loosened, it affects the overall strength and contact. But in fact, there are still many packages that need to be tightened again after the head is loosened. For example, OLIGHT M3X, Lumintop td12, td15, td15x, etc. in my hand are all like this. I feel that this does not affect the whole. Strength. Even if it is my TK12, I need to loosen the head to enter the next brightness, just need to loosen a little bit, the rectangular thread of the head is very tightly engaged, and the effect of the O-ring is thrown in the loose state. Half an hour in the water, there is no water in the barrel.

Tail dimming

Common in all kinds of DIY flashlights and a small part of the brand glare flashlight small straight.

Advantages: simple operation and low cost.

Disadvantages: The strength of the tail switch is the biggest problem, especially under the development trend of high current and high power, the instantaneous current of the switch is getting larger and larger, the life of the tail switch is gradually shortening, and the damage rate will gradually increase. In addition, there are occasions when there is a possibility of misoperation.

Magnetic ring dimming

Advantages: Easy to operate, both sides can be dimmed.

Disadvantages: One-handed operation is still not very convenient, I tried it, and one-handed operation is very awkward. JET\'s magnetic ring has a loose phenomenon. I don\'t know if it will fail after a long time, but fortunately, so far, no one has seen the phenomenon of magnetic ring failure.

Button dimming

Advantages: easy to operate, press to adjust a file, four-speed cycle, long press the button to enter the hidden flash mode, press again to exit. It is also very convenient to dim when wearing gloves in winter. One-handed operation is always available.

Disadvantages: The service life of the button is not clear how long it can last. If the button is broken, it will be troublesome.

Eight advantages

1, environmental protection lamps, protect the earth - the traditional fluorescent lamp contains a large amount of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor will be volatilized into the atmosphere. But led glare flashlight does not use mercury at all, and LED products do not contain lead, which protects the environment. Led glare flashlight Recognized as the green lighting of the 21st century.

2, efficient conversion, reduce heat - traditional lamps will generate a lot of heat, and LED lamps are all converted into light energy, will not cause energy waste. And for documents, clothing will not fade.

3, quiet and comfortable, no noise - led glare flashlight will not produce noise, for the use of precision electronic equipment is a good choice. Suitable for libraries, offices and the like.

4, soft light, protect the eyes - the traditional fluorescent lamp uses AC, so it will produce 100-120 strobes per second. Led glare flashlight converts AC power directly into DC power, which does not cause flicker and protects the eyes.

5, no UV, no mosquitoes - led glare flashlight does not produce ultraviolet light, so unlike traditional lamps, there are many mosquitoes around the light source. The interior will become cleaner and cleaner.

6, the voltage can be adjusted 80V-245V - the traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier, when the voltage is reduced, it can not be lit. The led glare flashlight can be lit within a certain range of voltage, and can also adjust the brightness.

7, energy saving, longer life - led glare flashlight power consumption is less than one-third of the traditional fluorescent lamp, life is also 1000 times the traditional fluorescent lamp, can be used for a long time without replacement, reducing labor costs. More suitable for occasions that are difficult to replace.

8, strong and reliable, long-term use - Lled glare flashlight itself is using epoxy resin instead of traditional glass, more solid and reliable, even if the LED on the floor is not easily damaged, you can use it with confidence.


Walking generally does not require too high brightness. Due to the long time, you can choose a lighter flashlight and have a longer battery life. In general, the flashlight needs to balance moderate spotlights and floodlights. However, the team leader still needs a higher brightness flashlight and has a certain range. It is more convenient when exploring terrain.


Floodlight must be good, low brightness demand, but must choose outdoor flashlight with long battery life, it is best to continuously illuminate all night, such flashlight has advantages in convenience and cost of use.

Night ride

Because of the speed, it requires good brightness and high requirements for battery life. It is best to achieve continuous lighting for 4 hours. Floodlight is more important for night riding, and the concentrated part should not be too concentrated. Night riding flashlights are not sensitive to weight, so to meet performance requirements, you can choose a larger flashlight and pay attention to whether it is good for operation and whether it is good for clamping.


The brightness must be high, the battery life can be relatively short, and the flashlight is best equipped with anti-shock characteristics, so as not to be damaged by the impact of some of the recoil. Such flashlights do not have to be too wide and moderately concentrated.

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The requirement for brightness is almost as bright as possible. The range is also very important. The weight and volume have to be considered next. You can choose a bright and large flashlight.


Diving flashlight emphasizes absolute water resistance and reliability, brightness requirements are high, and lighting time is enough (related to the type of diving exercise). The size and weight requirements are not critical, the hand-held luminaires are more suitable for holding, and the flexibility is better. The switch should be able to withstand the water pressure (usually the push button switch cannot resist the water pressure, and the diving flashlight is mostly a rotary or toggle switch). Therefore, it is preferable to have a hand strap with a locking function to prevent accidental dropping.


The environment that the cave is dealing with is more sinister, and the rock reflection rate in the cave is low, so the brightness must be high! The water in the cave requires the flashlight to have good waterproof characteristics, and at any time the crisis situation requires the flashlight to be strong and durable, and the impact and fall of the stone can not be damaged.


EDC is the abbreviation of Every Day Carry, which means carrying a flashlight with you. This kind of flashlight is usually a miniature standby flashlight. It must be small and light, so it can be used at any time. In the event of an emergency, it is often the kind of flashlight that can be taken with you at any time to save your life. Due to the limitation of the power supply volume, the EDC flashlight generally has a low brightness and a long duration, or the brightness is high and the battery life is short, and the function is not too much. It can be selected according to its own needs. Usually if there is a main flashlight, it is best to choose EDC with low brightness and long life, which is more secure in terms of lighting time.