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Explosion Proof Flood Light

Datetime: 2019-09-12 09:15:38

Use of explosion-proof floodlights:

Explosion-proof floodlights are lighting fixtures used in harsh environments. Explosion-proof lamps can prevent sparks generated inside the lamp and high-temperature ignition of flammable substances around them, thus achieving explosion-proof requirements. General explosion-proof floodlights are waterproof and high temperature resistant, suitable for use in explosive atmospheres and in easily flammable dust environments. When using the explosion-proof floodlight, determine the installation position and mode of the explosion-proof floodlight according to the actual situation on the site, and adjust the lighting angle of the lamp as needed, and then turn on the power according to the explosion-proof requirements to illuminate. It is also worth noting that professional personnel should be installed when installing explosion-proof floodlights.