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Explosion-Proof Flashlight

Datetime: 2019-10-29 10:59:51

Explosion-proof flashlights have good explosion-proof performance. It can be used for lighting needs on fire protection, industrial and mining, and other inflammable and explosive places. It is also suitable for all kinds of field operations, such as geological exploration, rescue and disaster relief, fire control, electric power repair and other lighting needs.

Explosion-proof flashlight features
Explosion-proof flashlights typically use high-brightness LEDs, which are more energy efficient than traditional light sources and can be switched between strong and low light. The design of the outer casing seal is not only light and beautiful, but also waterproof. High-capacity environmentally-friendly lithium battery for long life. The chip uses intelligent control and is highly secure.

Explosion-proof flashlight battery uses

Do not incinerate the battery of the flashlight because it contains corrosive substances that can damage the skin. In addition, different types of batteries cannot be mixed. It should be fully charged before using the product for the first time. The battery cannot be charged in parallel, otherwise irregular current will be generated. It is recommended to placing the flashlight battery in a cool, ventilated environment. It is worth noting that it should not be in contact with acid gases or close to fire.

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