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Eight performance characteristics of LED patch tri-proof lights

Datetime: 2021-05-14 13:41:16

The three-proof lamp is waterproof, dust-proof and corrosion-proof in a broad sense, and the protection level reaches IP65; the chivalrous three-proof lamp refers to the traditional long strip lamp housing plus fluorescent tube or 1.2 meters, 06 meters long strip LED lamps.

Some manufacturers put the three-proof lamp shell (PC material) into the LED tube. This is just a simple modification. The LED tube itself has a lampshade, and then put it into the fully-sealed three-proof lamp shell. The heat dissipation problem of the lamp is not solved, so the quality and service life of the lamp cannot be guaranteed.

DL619 dock light

The LED patch tri-proof lamp is a brand-new LED product that has been independently researched and developed for many years. The lamp body, power supply, chip, etc. have been strictly screened and matched to the most cost-effective product. The installation method is ceiling installation. It is convenient and quick to install with buckle and other accessories.

Product features of LED patch tri-proof light:

1. Wide input voltage range, suitable for any country and region

2. The LED light efficiency is as high as 100 lumens or more

3. Efficient heat dissipation treatment, luminous flux maintenance rate is nearly 94%

4. Built-in isolated low voltage constant current drive, safe, stable and reliable

5. The lamp housing has passed the 2500V withstand voltage test;

6. The lamp housing is extruded from flame-retardant rigid PVC, with high strength, corrosion resistance and light weight

7. Easy installation, long life, maintenance-free

8. Three-proof: waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, protection grade IP65