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DVR flashlight

Datetime: 2019-08-07 17:42:11

DVR flashlight product features:
1.Professional clear display, shooting files can be played back instantly.
2.Multi-function use, can be used as LED flashlight, audio and video synchronous recording, can be used as a digital camera.
3.Photo and video automatically turn on the flash, the light is even without highlights.
4.The appearance is novel and exquisite, small and convenient.
5.Waterproof and impact resistant, economical and environmentally friendly.
6.Unique optical design, the lamp circuit design has anti-overcharge and short circuit protection devices, and the safety is good.
7.The battery configuration capacity is high and the video storage time is long.

DVR flashlight application:
DVR flashlights can be used for lighting criminal investigation, night patrol, railway inspection, secret forensics, signal indication, security, forest protection, etc.; can also be used for on-site survey, covert investigation, criminal photography, etc.; now also widely used in national police , the road traffic management department and other departments use.