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Comparison of LEDs with traditional lighting source energy saving lamps Which one would you choose?

Datetime: 2018-08-18 14:44:21

Comparison of LED explosion-proof lamps and traditional lighting source energy-saving lamps - Compared with traditional lighting source energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamps, tungsten lamps, magnesium lamps, fluorescent lamps, neon lamps, cold cathodes, what advantages does it have? The following is a comparison of the performance of LEDs and common light sources in general, of course, here are just some reference data. Name power consumption (W) Working voltage (V) Coordinated control Calorific value Reliability service life (H) Metal halide lamp 100 220 Not easy to high and low 3000 Neon 500 High and high indoor 3,000 Magnesium xenon lamp 16w/m 220 Good Higher preferably 6000 Fluorescent lamp 4-100 220 Not easy to be high Low 5000-8000 Cold cathode 15w/m Need better inverter Low 10,000 Tungsten lamp 15-200 220 Not suitable for high and low 3000 Energy-saving lamp 3-150 220 Not suitable for dimming Low and low 5000 LED lights extremely low DC 12-36v (220v available) Various forms extremely low and extremely high 100,000


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