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Common navigation lights

Datetime: 2020-07-11 10:46:24

The mast light is a white signal light installed on the front and rear masts according to international navigation rules. It is used to indicate the direction of the night sailing boat. It is placed above the center line of the bow and stern of the ship.

The device of side light shall display the lights from the front of the ship to 22.5 degrees behind each side of the ship.

The taillights are placed as close as possible to the stern and show white lights with uninterrupted lights.It is used to display the own ship\'s dynamics, identify other ship\'s dynamics and judge the ship\'s cross encounter situation and overtake.

The towing light is placed above the tail light.

The all-round light is a signal that shows uninterrupted lights in a 360-degree horizontal arc.

The indicator light of the instrument can reflect the working condition of the indicated equipment, which can be seen in many places on the ship.

The lighthouse is a large fixed navigation aid sign. The lighthouse is used for the ship to determine the ship\'s position, determine the navigation direction, guide the ship to navigate or indicate the danger zone.

Buoys and light buoys are anchored at designated locations to mark the waterway range, indicate shoals, obstructing objects and surface navigation aids for special purposes. Buoys have the largest number of buoys and are used widely.

As the saying goes: "A man has words, and a lamp has words”.The lights are also a communication tool. Ships sailing on the sea rely on various light changes to communicate to ensure the normal and orderly passage of ships at night .