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Cap lamp

Datetime: 2019-07-27 20:32:43

Cap lamp performance characteristics:
1. The cap lamp is safe and reliable. The cap lamp has excellent explosion-proof, anti-static, impact resistance, explosion-proof and other characteristics, and can be used in various flammable and explosive places.
2. Energy saving and longevity: The cap lamp adopts LED light source, which has high luminous efficiency and long service life, and the lithium battery can be recycled and used, no pollution, corrosion resistance and can be charged at any time.
3. The design is novel, fast and convenient. One-piece design. The charging is sufficient once and the lighting time is long.
4. Cap lights can be customized to meet the individual needs of users. We can customize high-quality helmet lights suitable for different places according to different requirements of customers.

The scope of the cap lamp:
The cap lamp is a portable lighting device powered by a lithium battery. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used for emergency lighting of tunnel engineering, electric power, railway, highway construction, ship operation, military police rescue and disaster relief, etc. It can also be used for agricultural purposes such as fishing and night inspection.

Note on the use of cap lamp:
1. When using for the first time and for a long time, be sure to charge it with a dedicated charger until the indicator light changes color. Also note that the lamp should be turned off while charging.
2. When the product is used, the cap lamp should be charged and plugged into the charging socket hole for waterproof and dustproof. When the charging socket is rusted or blocked, the miner\'s lamp will not be charged and will be scrapped.
3. Safety warning: It is strictly forbidden to drop the cap lamp. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the miner\'s lamp or replace the parts in the underground. It is strictly forbidden to put the cap lamp close to or into the fire source. Do not use the lamp to directly direct the eye to avoid damage to vision.