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Application of explosion-proof lights

Datetime: 2020-12-24 14:21:12

The principle of the explosion-proof type is based on the explosion-proof concept and fire protection type of the European standard EN13463-1: 2002 "Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres Part 1: Basic methods and requirements". The explosion-proof type is to take measures to allow internal explosions and prevent flame propagation An explosion-proof type of is the most commonly used type of explosion-proof. Because this kind of explosion-proof lamp shell is generally made of metal materials, it has good heat dissipation, high shell strength and good durability, and is very popular with users.

Moreover, many increased-safety explosion-proof lighting components, such as lamp holders, interlock switches, etc., also use explosion-proof structures. Electrical equipment with flameproof enclosures is called flameproof electrical equipment. If an explosive gas mixture enters the flameproof enclosure and is ignited, the flameproof enclosure can withstand the explosive pressure of the internal explosive gas mixture and prevent the internal explosion from spreading to the explosive mixture around the enclosure. This is a gap explosion-proof principle, that is, a structure designed based on the principle of using metal gaps to prevent the spread of explosion flames and cool the temperature of the explosion products, to achieve flame extinguishment and cooling, and to inhibit the expansion of the explosion.