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Applicable Scope of Explosion Proof Emergency Lighting

Datetime: 2020-10-17 17:51:12

The explosion-proof emergency lighting is composed of a plastic-sprayed shell made of aluminum die-casting, tempered glass, lamp cap and protective net lamp. LED lights, incandescent lamps and mercury lamps can be installed inside.

The lamp cover and shell are plane flameproof structure.The emergency device is charged automatically when the lamp is working normally. When an accident or power failure occurs, the emergency light automatically lights up.

The explosion-proof emergency lighting generally consists of batteries, charging circuits, bulbs and other parts. When there is AC input, the battery is charged to control the bulb not to light. When there is no AC input, the battery powers the bulb and lights up.

The explosion-proof emergency lighting can switch power supply in the event of a power failure automatically. When the power supply is normal, the backup battery is charged automatically and has a charging protection function.

The explosion-proof emergency lighting are suitable for hazardous locations with explosive gas mixtures, flammable dust locations, chemical plants, military industries, explosives, oil refining and other flammable and explosive workshops and plants for emergency lighting during power outages.