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Aluminum high bay lighting

Datetime: 2020-04-29 16:38:17

The high bay lights are also an important part of urban industrial lighting.

Although the high bay light is simple in shape, it has huge energy to illuminate every corner of the place perfectly .

According to different places, it should have functions such as anti-corrosion, dust-proof, water-proof and explosion-proof. It uses aluminum, aviation aluminum, PC, stainless steel and other materials.

According to different places, it also can be divided into condensing type and astigmatism type. The electrical box can be integrated and separated, but we must pay attention to the heat dissipation of the lamps and lanterns. The heat dissipation is an important indicator during design.

The aluminum high bay lights are suitable for large and spacious places such as factories, power plants, steel mills, workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, waiting rooms, stations, gas stations, airports, shopping malls, hypermarket lighting, etc.

It is used for global illumination generally and has a high suspension. The light source adopts metal halide lamp, energy-saving lamp, LED, electrodeless lamp and other light sources with high color rendering index.

Aluminum is malleable. Aluminum high bay lights can form an oxide film to prevent metal corrosion in humid air.

Therefore, the industrial and high bay lights adopt aluminum to dissipate heat, waterproof and dustproof effectively .

The aluminum high bay light has a concise and elegant appearance and superb craftsmanship details, which is very suitable for factories, workshops, warehouses and other lighting places.