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Advantages of explosion-proof lights

Datetime: 2021-02-22 14:35:53

The function of explosion-proof lamp is explosion-proof, and it is generally used in some special working occasions. The working performance of explosion-proof lamps is not available to ordinary lamps. For example, in some gas stations, petrochemical plants or in some warehouses with inflammable and explosive materials, the role of explosion-proof lamps is even more obvious.

  Explosion-proof lamps are mainly used in dangerous places where flammable gases and dust exist, and can prevent arcs, sparks and high temperatures that may be generated inside the lamp from igniting flammable gases and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to meet the requirements of explosion-proof lamps. Also known as explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof lighting. Different flammable gas mixture environments have different requirements for the explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof form of the explosion-proof lamp. Refer to GB3836 and IEC60079 for details.

The role of explosion-proof lights

1. Applicable to hazardous locations in zone 1 and zone 2 of explosive gas environment;

2. Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC level explosive gas environment;

  3. Applicable to areas 20, 21 and 22 of combustible dust environment;

  4. It is suitable for the environment where the temperature group is T1-T6.

  Indoor explosion-proof lights are generally used in dangerous environments where there are many combustibles and dust. It can make our working environment safe without any disaster. Moreover, explosion-proof lights are usually used as emergency lights. Can ensure people\'s safe work.

  Because the indoor explosion-proof lamp is made of special materials, it is very exquisite in structure, has strong impact resistance and impact resistance, and is not easy to break. Of course, its role is not limited to this. It can effectively waterproof, dust, and corrosion, ensure that the explosion-proof lamp does not need to be maintained, and extend its service life.

   Everyone knows that in the summer, our lamps and lanterns have relatively high temperature, which is prone to explosion hazards. The indoor explosion-proof lamp has a strong control and heat dissipation function, and it is generally controlled at 45 degrees Celsius in summer, which is not easy to burn out. Moreover, the ability to dissipate heat can be achieved through artificial control. In this case, the normal use of lamps can be guaranteed even in summer.