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Advantages of energy-saving LED high bay lights compared to ordinary lights

Datetime: 2021-05-12 16:45:08

The price of energy-saving LED high bay lights is higher and better. The led high bay lamp has certain advantages in light efficiency, and the ability to convert electrical energy into light energy is better than other traditional light sources. The directionality of led high bay lights is one of the important features. The structure of led industrial and mining lamps is different from other light sources. Its light has a certain directionality, and it is impossible to emit light around. The LED concentrates the light on the illuminated surface, which naturally improves the efficiency.

Through the analysis of the above two aspects, we can know that compared with other types of products, energy-saving LED industrial and mining lamps have certain advantages in use, especially in terms of energy saving. The above is the relevant description about the energy-saving advantages of led high bay lights, remember to pay attention to our website to learn more.

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Although energy-saving LED high bay lights are also a type of high bay lights, there is no difference whether they are installed or not. Today we will take a look at the installation points of high-power high bay lights.

Set the hook in advance where the energy-saving LED high bay light needs to be installed. It should be noted that the hook should be used in conjunction with the hoisting ring, and the load-bearing capacity of the hook must exceed 30Kg when installing the hook. And do a good job of waterproofing and insulation; turn on the power after installation, and observe whether the high bay light can work normally.