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What Kind of Cap Lamp Can Ensure the Safety of Miners?

Datetime: 2020-10-17 17:14:32

The deep underground mine is the darkest place in the human working environment. In the dark coal mine, the light of the cap lamp is the eyes of the miner. The strength and weakness of the cap light is related directly to the reaction speed of the miners in dealing with accidents in coal mines and the safety factor of the miners\' lives.

Coal mine safety experts think that every time the brightness of cap lamp increases by one illuminance unit, the safety factor of miners will increase by 5%-20%.The brightly-lit cap lamp can illuminate the surrounding environment for miners. In a coal dust environment, it can penetrate dust and fog, help miners see the ground and roof conditions, and prevent roof collapse and other accidental injuries effectively.

In order to ensure the safety of the miners fully, it is the correct way to choose a bright cap lamp.

Experts suggest that when choosing a cap lamp, it is necessary to investigate and understand fully the variety, brand, quality and reputation of the cap lamp brand, experiment to verify the illuminance of different brands of miner’s lamp, etc. Select the cap lamp brand suitable for your own situation carefully according to the actual situation of the coal mine.

In the darkest place in the world, the safest and brightest lighting can protect the lives of miners.

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