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Hunan-based PM's innovative technology catches eyes at EMO Hannover 2023

Datetime: 2023-09-20 21:26:01

A visitor (left) walks past the booth of Hunan Boyun-Dongfang Powder Metallurgy Co Ltd (PM) at EMO Hannover 2023 held in Hannover, Germany on Monday. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

With ever-increasing capability of independent innovation, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are able to demonstrate world-class technologies, earning a place on the stage of international expos.

During the ongoing EMO 2023, the world's trade fair for the metalworking and machine tools held in Hannover, Germany, the nano cemented carbide, manufactured by domestic high-tech company Hunan Boyun-Dongfang Powder Metallurgy Co Ltd (PM), caught the eyes of an international audience.

PM is among the few enterprises in the world who are capable of manufacturing nano cemented carbide at large-scale and its integral technique reaches international leading level. The company has filed a total of 27 national patents, and drafted one national standard and one industry standard respectively.

Currently, the large-scale production and industrial application of nano cemented carbide have become a highly-valued research and development focus in the world. They reflect enterprises' cutting-edge competitiveness. Through independent innovation, the WC grain size of high-performance nano cemented carbide produced by PM was close to 110 nanometers. However, the hardness and bending strength of such cemented carbide can reach 2,060 HV30 and 5,710 MPa respectively — a surprisingly high-level achievement in the world.  

Kevin Lyu, manager of the Import and Export Department at PM said: "Through this exhibition, which is being held from Monday to Saturday, we were able to see cutting-edge product displays from leading enterprises around the world. Based on the results and data presented, we are proud to say that our nano cemented carbide is a truly world-class high-end material made in China."

Currently, the nano cemented carbide produced by PM is mainly used for the processing of sophisticated materials such as high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys and carbon fiber composite materials in the aerospace field, as well as the processing and coating of motor shells and shafts for new energy vehicles. It also provides high-end cutting tools for processing high hardness mold materials.

Materials are the foundation of modern society and act as guide for the development of all high-end manufacturing sectors. They are also the indication of a strategic direction for China's high-quality development. With regard to the future development worldwide, advanced materials remain one of the core areas of competition among major industrial countries, industry experts said.

Among them, the large-scale production and industrial application of nano cemented carbide have become a hot topic that is highly valued and reflects cutting-edge competitiveness internationally, they said.

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