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Who is evaluating a variety of new coronal vaccines

Datetime: 2021-01-21 08:58:05

On the 20th local time, who assistant director general mariangela Simao said that who has received evaluation materials for 13 new crown vaccines, among which Pfizer / biontech\'s new crown vaccines have been included in the list of emergency use, and three new crown vaccines are in the final evaluation stage and may be included in the list of emergency use.


According to the WHO vaccine evaluation documents obtained by CCTV reporters, who has accepted the evaluation materials of two new crown vaccines provided by Sinopharm group and Kexing company at the end of December last year and January 13 this year. According to the timetable in who\'s internal documents, the results of the evaluation of the two new vaccines are expected to be released as soon as March.( By ZhuHe /CCTV News)

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