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Slovak foreign minister calls Russia's COVID-19 vaccine a "political weapon"

Datetime: 2021-03-05 17:47:22

Slovak foreign minister calls Russia\'s COVID-19 vaccine a

Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan korchok recently declared that Russia will use the new vaccine as a new means of war, the Tass News Agency reported on the 4th. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova refuted korchok\'s remarks at a news conference on the 4th.

On March 2, Slovak Prime Minister Igor matovic received the first batch of Russian "satellite-v" vaccine in the eastern Slovak city of Kosice. However, Slovak foreign minister korchok believes that Russia\'s new crown vaccine is a "political weapon" that allows Slovak people to stay at home and Western citizens to stay abroad. “

Zaharova 4 response said: "in the context of the global epidemic, korchok\'s words are inappropriate. It sounds strange and even absurd. At present, the most important thing is to focus on fighting the epidemic rather than creating such public opinion. "

Zaharova pointed out that Russia provided new coronal vaccine to the latter based on the Slovak government\'s application, "providing new coronal vaccine to Slovakia is not smuggling, no forgery, and no violation of relevant regulations. This is the will of the Slovak government."