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Director general Tan Desai calls for fair vaccination

Datetime: 2021-01-20 09:09:20

The 148th executive committee meeting of the World Health Organization (who) was held from 18th to 26th through the Internet. The meeting will agree on the agenda of this year\'s World Health Assembly (WHA) and adopt the resolution submitted to the wha. Who director general Tam Desai said in his opening speech that a safe and effective vaccine was developed within one year after the emergence of the new coronavirus, which is a great scientific achievement and a source of hope. The recent rapid spread of mutated new coronavirus makes vaccination more important, but the real danger is that there is inequality in vaccination. "With the start of the first batch of new vaccines, there are serious risks to fair access to vaccines. Now, more than 39 million doses have been vaccinated in at least 49 high-income countries. In one of the lowest income countries, only 25 doses were injected. I must point out frankly that the world is on the verge of a catastrophic moral failure, and the cost of this failure will be borne by the poorest countries in the world. "

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Tan Desai stressed that it is wrong for young and healthy adults in rich countries to be vaccinated before health workers and the elderly in poor countries. There will be enough new vaccines for all in the future, but now we must unite and give priority to the highest risk groups in all countries. This kind of self priority approach will put the world\'s poorest and most vulnerable people at risk. It will only prolong the time of the new crown pandemic and the implementation of restrictive measures, and cause more human and economic suffering. Tandesay called on all countries to work together. "The theme of this year\'s World Health Day is health inequality. The challenge for all Member States is to ensure that each country has a new crown vaccination before World Health Day on 7 April. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a symbol of the new pandemic, and is also a symbol of the root of many health challenges in the world. I hope that will come true. "

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