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Canadian officials say they will receive the first 249000 doses of the new crown vaccine this month

Datetime: 2020-12-09 11:27:48

As of the evening of December 7, Canada has reported more than 423000 cases, nearly 339000 cases recovered, 12777 deaths and 71542 active cases. At a time when the outbreak of new coronavirus is difficult to control, the Canadian government sent "reassuring pill" on December 7, announced that it will obtain the first 249000 doses of new coronavirus vaccine within this month.


(Picture quoted from David Ho and Gina Lee)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told media in Ottawa that the country was about to launch the "largest ever" vaccination campaign.


The vaccine is a new coronavirus vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and biontech. The Canadian government stressed that the prerequisite for the delivery and vaccination of the vaccine is that the vaccine must be approved by the Ministry of health of Canada.

Pfizer, Canada\'s public health department and Canadian military are working with provinces and regions to complete the preparation of the first use site this week, including training on how to handle the vaccine. Canada has set up 14 vaccine distribution centers nationwide.

Canadian officials have pre ordered up to 76 million doses of the vaccine. 249000 doses of vaccine will also arrive in batches in Canada. These vaccines are expected to give priority to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and staff living in long-term care facilities, and will be planned by the provinces themselves. The vaccine needs to be vaccinated twice.

So far, the Canadian government has purchased about 414 million doses of new coronal vaccine from many pharmaceutical companies around the world.