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COVID-19 is tough in Japan, 240 thousand people call for Tokyo Olympic Games canceled

Datetime: 2021-05-08 09:42:48

240 thousand people call for Tokyo Olympic Games canceled

The COVID-19 in Japan is still grim, with 6054 newly diagnosed cases on the 7 day. This is the first time since January 16 this year that more than 6000 new cases have been confirmed in a single day in Japan. In this case, calls for the suspension of the Olympic Games are growing. As of the early morning of August, more than 240000 people signed online, calling on the government to consider public health issues and suspend the Olympic Games.

According to Kyodo news agency, Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei decided on the 7th to extend the state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture to the 31st of this month. Meanwhile, Aichi Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture will also be included in the scope of the state of emergency from the 12th. The "key measures to prevent the spread" that are less powerful than the state of emergency will also be extended to 31. At present, it covers some areas of eight Dao counties, including Chiba county and Saitama county.

"In view of COVID-19 expansion, we should not force people\'s lives and lives to be exposed to danger and force the Olympic Games." The former president of the Japanese lawyers\' Association, Kenji Yudu, started to ask for the cancellation of the Olympic Games\' signature on the Internet from the 5th. In less than two days, more than 240000 people supported the suspension of the Olympic Games. In the investigation of major media, many people asked for "cancellation" and "postponement" of the Olympic Games.

International Olympic Committee President Bach plans to visit Japan from 17 to 18. However, Bach\'s visit is expected to be cancelled in view of the extension of the state of emergency in many places in Japan, which will fuel skeptical public opinion about hosting the Olympic Games. Sebastian Coe, President of the World Federation of athletics (WFA), who is visiting Japan, held talks with Tokyo governor takeko Koike on the 7th. He said he understood that hosting the Olympic Games this year would make people feel uneasy and promised to unite with Tokyo to hold the event well. Xiaochi said that "we will try our best to hold a safe and secure competition" to seek the support of various competitive groups. However, a number of US media, including the Washington Post, urged the Japanese government to suspend the Olympic Games.