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Black Friday in the U.S. under the epidemic: no queues

Datetime: 2020-11-28 10:37:43

No one queued. The parking lot was empty. There are more shop assistants than customers in the mall. This is just the scene of some stores across the United States on the morning of "Black Friday" in 2020.


Black Friday is the second day after Thanksgiving, and it is also the first day when Americans start their Christmas shopping. On this day, shopping malls usually open at 5 in the morning and launch a large number of discount activities. Customers who want to rush to buy discounted goods will get up early and go to the dark to line up outside the mall.

However, Black Friday this year looks very different. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused many consumers to worry about going to malls for shopping. Some retailers choose to close their business on Thanksgiving Day. On Black Friday, they did not open their doors as early as in previous years. Instead, they chose to move more promotional items online so that people can buy them safely at home.


Even the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) advises customers to shop online on Black Friday. If they must risk going to the mall, they also call on consumers to use the "curbside pickup" service (the store will deliver the goods to the consumer\'s cart). Above), or choose an open-air shopping mall instead of a closed shopping mall.

A survey released by Deloitte last month also showed that nearly 51% of shoppers are anxious about shopping in physical stores during the holiday, and it is estimated that 64% of shoppers’ budget will spend online.