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Biden Thanksgiving Address calling for Unity in Fighting Against COVID-19

Datetime: 2020-11-26 14:36:42

According to THE HILL, US President-elected Biden delivered a pre-Thanksgiving speech in Wilmington, Delaware on November 25, calling on the American people to unite and fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


"I know the country has grown weary of the fight, but we need to remember, we\'re at war with a virus, not with one another. Not with each other,” Biden said.

It’s reported that Biden described the U.S. as “a nation not of adversaries but of neighbors,” calling on Americans to love each other.

"Love of country, love of one another. We don\'t talk much about love in our politics,” the president-elect said. “The political arena is too loud, too angry, too heated. To love our neighbor as ourselves is a radical act. Yet it\'s what we\'re called to do."

Biden also implored Americans to be vigilant in the fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus, warning of the “long, hard winter” ahead.

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