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Why choose our loading dock lights?

Datetime: 2017-07-03 17:36:35

Why choose our loading dock lights?

Golden Future DL619 dock lights is widely accepted by the market since it came out. In the beginning of 2017, Transportes J. Amaral, S.A. , a long and well-established corporation dealing with logistics and material handling installed the dock light in the warehouse and feedback good for the dock lights.

dock light

Micael, who in charge of the project of TJA (Transportes J. Amaral, S.A.) said the dock light helps a lot for the warehouse loading and unloading works. We are now looks forward to the further cooperation in the future to come.

In the market of loading dock equipment, dock lights are competitive. Then why DL619 is widely accepted the market?

Except for our pursuit in excellent quality and techniques, our DL619 features as below:

loading dock light

1. DL619 is with 5 pcs Cree LED with a rated lumens more than 2850 lumens.

2. DL619 with LED for light source is energy saving, and the led lifespan is more than 50000 hours. Generally, the lights can be used for 6 years. The light is cost saving in the long run.

3. DL619 is with impact resistant toughened glass lens(PC lens is also available) to protect it from the impacts of forklift trucks, doors and other hazards.

4. DL619 has been rated IP67 whose interior circuit is safe from electrical shock and it can be in normal use even in the damp and wet environment.

5. DL619 has enough heat dissipating ribs on the outside appearance to keep low down the temperature of the lamps.

6. DL619 has a solid double swing arms in the size of 40 or 60 inch. The arms tube is 4*4cm in size and 2mm thick, which can totally bear the weight of lamps, cooling fans, CCTV and etc. Even more, the arm is built strong enough to bear the weight of a worker who is trying to hang on the arms.

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