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Try First Step to Boost Loading Dock Efficiencies

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-10-21 15:32:22

Try First Step to Boost Loading Dock Efficiencies


Nowadays, companys and customers are highly care about the loading dock safety due to many problems caused by inefficient loading dock operations. Among all the factors, poor visibility is also a large risk for dock safety. Therefore, a bright, convenient and adjustable dock light may become our first step to enhance loading dock safety and boost loading dock efficiencies. Golden Future Enterprise Hongkong Ltd designs new led dock lights for dock application.


Many lighting fixtures carries the problem that they can only point in the one direction.That works if your work is only taking place in one location, but if you require a more versatile lamp, the loading dock light model DL619 designed by Golden Future is the best option to you.


DL619 dock light1DL619 dock light


This loading dock light works as a way to provide an adjustable light source to dark places with its flexible double structure metal arms. LED light source save much energy than those sodium and other light bulks. The polyester powder coated surface also improve its corrosion proof grade. More information, pls check below specifications for DL619 warehouse loading dock light.






LED Power



Luminous Flux



Life span


100, 000

 Rated Voltage


AC 110~265

DC 24~36







 Corrosion protection  Classification


 Insulation Classification


 IP Classification



Lighting the inside of the trailer will improve dock productivity. Try LED dock lights, which save energy and provide better light quality than traditional incandescent bulbs. A properly designed light's beam produces a balanced and optimal level of brightness inside the entire trailer.


Golden Future always seeks best solution for poor visibility in loading docks. We hope our dock light helps improve visibility in loading docks so as to make effort for boosting loading dock efficiencies. So, why don’t you contact us and make your first step to solve poor visibility in loading dock?


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